Town & Country

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Jilted Jack

  You’re seriously bringing the crown, said she Sure you’re only going up The Dains hill And how in God’s name has this farcical show Now become part of the drill? You know it’s to calm my anxieties Love Sure you know I hate traveling alone The crown is a great source of comfort, said

Anti social media

It’s not drugs and it’s not gambling and it’s not “the demon drink” But it’s closeted and reticent and rueful don’t you think? It’s the always on connection that finds many now devout To regressive evolution, tuning in and dropping out


The merchies on the sulky’s give less than half a shyte Wrapped up in a sulky merchie’s world They don’t want your approval and in some ways might be right They’re blinkered once the banners are unfurled

The Under 8 County Final

The Under 8 County final was held at the Showgrounds on Wednesday night Parents and well-wishers, experts and friends were drawn like flies to the light Awkward excitable children were briefed to ignore the bellowing crowd Then instantly charged to do all they could to make Mammy and Daddy proud

The Puca

The puca arrived for the first time as the children got ready for bed Dressed to the nines in his shirt and tie with a chimney pot hat on his head Wafting his way through the hallway, he stopped at the back bedroom door Silent and present, pensive and po, not someone you’d choose to