15 Years of age

When I was fifteen years of age there wasn’t a thing I didn’t know
Now I don’t know half of what’s going on
At fifteen years of age you start unlearning as you go
Until all the things you think you know are gone

At fifteen years of age I was sharp and made of stone
I wore my jagged edges like a crown
But corners will be cut and there are two ways to atone
They’re broken off or over time worn down

Love ‘n all was figured out at fifteen years of age
While emotions swayed like lyrics in a song
Foolishly befitting to the parody on stage
Just one more thing in which I would be wrong


(c) Rhymeclub.com


Every day of late i discover just how little i know. It’s quite a while since i first came to the conclusion that i now know a lesser percentage of what i think i need to know than i have at any previous juncture of my life.

I often think back to a time when things were much more black and white. Before doubt took over. Before second guessing and second guessing the second guess.

To be sure, no viewpoints are factual. General opinions are in the main wrong because of their generality. But i know that with great uncertainty now, while i can be certain that i didn’t know that what so ever twenty five years ago.

One of my favorite phrases is that “you live and learn”, but that’s a converse if ever there was one. You learn alright, but you learn about doubt, uncertainty, what should be taken at face value and what’s only ever designed to be a falsehood.

God it was a tough time. But i suppose this rhyme is also about how all times are tough. Understanding discovery and awakening, self awareness and doubt. Doubt’s the important one there in case you didn’t pick up on that..


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