Month: September 2017

Death of a Dog

For Sadie and Poppy, for Bo-bo and Duke For all of the dogs that have gone Your tail may have wagged for the last time But your doggishness deeds will live on Second in line to the social Maybe better than better than half Echoing all our emotions Every shade of blue, every laugh You

Hay baldy..!

There are no two ways about it; I’ve started to go bald I’m saddened and I’m sickened, I’m mournful and appalled At first I didn’t notice and sure ignorance is bliss But recently my friends have found the need to take the piss

The Sting

It’s likely that they threatened him, or gate-crashed after dark Noah simply wouldn’t have just let them on the Ark? Spiders’ fine and rats I get, however they’re deplored But how on earth could he presume to let two Wasps on board