Why Rhyme Club

Long seen as a poor relation in the literary world, the art of rhymed verse has long traditions in Ireland.  We at rhymeclub.com aim to play our part in a revival of the form. To show our readers the value that’s to be had in rhyme and to enjoy it while doing so. We hope that you do to.

For the most part we are aware of what we are and are not, what we do well and also our limitations. But we don’t plan to be too disposed by those limitations.

We are Irish and the majority of our content will be Irish or from an Irish perspective. The majority of that reflective of a rural upbringing. A similar majority will likely stem from real experience while some will undoubtedly be made up.

All work is original and unless otherwise stated is the property of rhymeclub.com

We welcome and encourage sharing should you choose, the only caveat that you do not re-published or re-distributed for profit without the express permission of rhymeclub.com

We would also encourage submissions of our readers works. For the most part we would hope to open a platform for sharing of readers rhymes beside our own works.