Angry old man

I was stomping through town when it hit me
When it hit, I’ll admit it hit hard
From the midst of a maelstrom of people
I awoke to feel suddenly jarred

For years I had tried to deny it
Tried to quell it as best as I can
But today is the day that I stand up and say
That i am an angry old man

For the most part I’m angry at people
And in general the old and the young
Although to be fair it doesn’t end there
I’m C8 I’m that highly strung

From teenagers, litter and grammar
To every T.V. talent show
From people who drive like lunatics
To people who drive way too slow

From the bubble of general ignorance
To the 52 things you should know
From the people who want to run everything
To the people who won’t have a go

Is this something that happens to everyone?
A cross that we all have to bear?
Is it synapses, nodes and electrons
That are making me think that I care?

Almost everything seems to annoy me
Why can’t I just let it be?
The grinding stone now if time does allow
May well be living with me


If it hasn’t happened to you already, my guess is that it will. Acceptance of the undeniable fact that everything was better in your day. And as of a result of that well then, all this modernity is infuriating. Isn’t it?


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