Bad for you

Sugar is bad for you, bread is bad for you, so too are butter and eggs
A sedentary lifestyle is bad for your health, but running is bad for your legs

Low fat is bad for you; no fat is bad for you, fat in the whole is taboo
Too much sun will destroy your skin, but sun screen is bad for you too

Flying is bad for you, frying is bad for you, fizzy drinks rot your insides
Fruit and veg are the best you can eat but they’re covered in pesticides

Sleeping is bad for you, breathing is bad for you, bad things in all that you do
The practice of being alive we found is ostensibly bad for you




In time exercise and too much fruit and vedge will be found to be a major contributor to some form of something or other that will undoubtedly shorten your life.

And so it goes, butter is good for you. Then butter is bad for you. And finally (for now) butter is good again. As long as it’s the correct form of butter and dare we say it, endorsed by the people in the know. It seems that the goalposts will continue to move.

But could it be that science is shifting so? That we are ever finding out new things about the commonalities that are part of our every day? That we could have been so wrong only such a short while ago? Surely its unlikely..

Maybe the safest option for us all is to avoid everything. I’m writing this on a computer and i am aware of the dangers of using a computer for prolonged periods and in a seated position. And that’s before i attempt to publish it on-line and i’ve heard so many warnings about what can happen on line….

Everything’s bad for you!

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