Category: Slapdash

Anti social media

It’s not drugs and it’s not gambling and it’s not “the demon drink” But it’s closeted and reticent and rueful don’t you think? It’s the always on connection that finds many now devout To regressive evolution, tuning in and dropping out

Hay baldy..!

There are no two ways about it; I’ve started to go bald I’m saddened and I’m sickened, I’m mournful and appalled At first I didn’t notice and sure ignorance is bliss But recently my friends have found the need to take the piss

My Uncle’s Datsun Cherry

My uncle’s Datsun Cherry was a marvel to behold For every journeys gambit brought adventure to the fold Back then its grim arrival meant I’d instantly loose hope My poor teenage indignation found it very hard to cope

The Grotto

It was built before my gran-aunt could remember Two and a bit fields in off the road Freshly white-washed now in late September And readied for what winter might offload