Divil a bit wrong with the gingers
Nare a bit. Nothing at all
All’a yiz all are just jealous
Jealous and petty and small

When you laugh up your sleeve in delusion
Well it’s just that you don’t understand
Some other half-shilling was laughing
And it looked like the lay of the land

Shur you’d all only love to be ginger
For to stand out proud from the game
And in time you might replicate colour
But there’s no replicating the flame




Where did the idea come from that there was something worthy of derision in having red or ginger hair? It’s most likely that like most other things it’s own rarity worked against itself in that regard and we all know what we do if something is not the norm? Deride.

It’s easy for me to say buy what we should really be doing is celebrating the diversity. Look at the rest of us, all the same, bland and ready to form part of the background image. Look at them and you see them straight away, different, brilliant and standing out.


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