Juan the Spanish housefly


It was a day like any other with the sun splitting the stones
Juan, the Spanish house-fly had his mind set on a roam
He hugged the wife and children and he said he’d be home soon
Licked his feet, rubbed himself and buzzed out of the room

Living near the airport never gave him cause to moan
He liked the constant buzzing in the anti-no-fly-zone
With a multitude of people dumping rubbish at your door
Drains and sewers and restaurants, what fly could ask for more

But today was to be different whether by design or chance
A penchant for an orange peel brought forth a merry dance
Trapped inside a handbag he was in for quite a shock
As his hostess gathered up her things and caught her flight to Knock

When the plane touched down in Ireland and the travelers hit the ramp
Juan joined the procession in an effort to decamp
The décor was familiar as was most of what he saw
But the people were much paler and the air was kinda raw

He’s living in Belmullet now, a thousand mile from home
Juanita did her best to bring the children up alone
She often thinks about him now that both of them are old
While he tours the West of Ireland, complaining of the cold


(c) Rhymeclub.com

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