The Sting

It’s likely that they threatened him, or gate-crashed after dark Noah simply wouldn’t have just let them on the Ark? Spiders’ fine and rats I get, however they’re deplored But how on earth could he presume to let two Wasps on board

Walk among the rain

Not of the doctors’ orders or recommended in the main Yet here I am advising you to walk among the rain Overthrow and soon let go of comforts cold concern And ready up the requisite relief for your return

The Box seat

I found out what I was made to do whilst carrying the boy In the box seat, front and centre stage Enraptured in the parody of every pride and joy Afforded to me now and of an age

Juan the Spanish housefly

  It was a day like any other with the sun splitting the stones Juan, the Spanish house-fly had his mind set on a roam He hugged the wife and children and he said he’d be home soon Licked his feet, rubbed himself and buzzed out of the room


You can keep your Hulkamania; Haystacks was the man A brooding great colossus, but I’d always been a fan When most preferred Big Daddy, Shirley held no sway with me I roared on the solemn Giant, World of Sport on ITV

Old School

I left this place in nineteen eighty-seven Jettisoned unwilling out the door It’s the same door still today so much further on the way And pawed since then a million times or more