Old School

I left this place in nineteen eighty-seven Jettisoned unwilling out the door It’s the same door still today so much further on the way And pawed since then a million times or more

Princess Belle

Belle is a princess; I’ve seen her princess dress She also is a cowgirl, and that’s allowed as she’ll attest Her boyfriend’s name is Dexter, which makes Dexter a prince She met him back when she was young and they’ve been dating since

Phil Liggett in your ear

On our 5-Speed Viking racers we set out on our endeavor The local Alpe D’Huez, myself and my friend Trevor There was no Lycra in them days, no power bars nor coach When both of us were Kelly and both of us were Roche

Tay in the bog

Me mother would wake without asking, just as daylight seeped into the sky The rest of the clan would in due course arise to the glorious smell of the fry Me father in service would loll down the stairs and give the auld dog a quick rub Fix up a ponger of scalding hot tay

My Uncle’s Datsun Cherry

My uncle’s Datsun Cherry was a marvel to behold For every journeys gambit brought adventure to the fold Back then its grim arrival meant I’d instantly loose hope My poor teenage indignation found it very hard to cope