Patience was a virtue but patience now b’damn
A weakness in a woman and an impotence in man
For patience was a luxury and now its day is done
Step aside for any and you will be over run

To prosper in the workplace or when driving in your car
The impulse to allow should be instinctively bizarre
For passive toleration is a hindrance of the cursed
And anyone whose anyone will always say ‘Me first’




It’s a tad rude but I’ve often heard it said, ‘stand up and be counted or lie down and be mounted’. I suppose in a way it feeds into the subject of this poem.

If we stand back for anyone or to allow something to play itself out then chances are you could well miss out. The teaching these days seems to be to go out and take what’s yours before somebody else takes it for themselves. Maybe it needs to be that. Maybe if we stand back or wait for something to happen then we are most likely giving up on our opportunity.

Good things used to come to those who wait. But if others are out actively gathering the good things then will there be any left for the poor unfortunates who thought time would deliver their allowance?

Others tell us that the early bird catches the worm, but can we be sure that the early birds will take only their fair share? That by the time the later birds arrive that there will still be worms left to satisfy all?

I think a better hope for those who still believe that patience is worth something is not in the case of the early or late bird. In actual fact it’s more to do with the worm. While the early bird catches the worm, what does the early worm get?

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