Princess Belle

Belle is a princess; I’ve seen her princess dress
She also is a cowgirl, and that’s allowed as she’ll attest
Her boyfriend’s name is Dexter, which makes Dexter a prince
She met him back when she was young and they’ve been dating since

Belle has got a puppy dog, Sparkles is his name
Sparkles features heavily is lots of Belle’s games
He clearly isn’t toilet trained and has been known to steal
But as soon as Princess Belle grows up she’s getting him for real

Her latest royal decree declared that all things shall be pink
Pink hair, pink nails, pink unicorns, pink food, even pink drink
The menus have been chosen and to keep you in the loop
The staple fare from this day forth shall be marshmallow soup

For nothing’s complicated when you hold a regal view
The rulebook doesn’t matter like it does for me and you
Be it fizzy legs, half kisses or the simple bop of tea
Being four is awesome; well it is for Belle and me

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