The Dark Horse

As the sun bled down on the horizon
A silhouette climbed up from way below

Familiar in gate and by comportment
Even when credulity said no

Emerging to a field of unbelievers
Balancing the gospels as they go

Challenging the will of our opinion
Turning heavy faces towards the flow

The dark horse came as if from nowhere
But that is to dismiss what we don’t know

Present in the absence of redeemers
She came in from the dark to save the show




It’s not always the ones that we expect that come through. In a way it’s one of the great things in life, the ability of the world to surprise us. The ability of people to surprise us. To be or do something unexpected. To redeem themselves in our eyes.


The opportunity is there for us as well.

To be the dark horse.

To do something out of the ordinary when the opportunity is presented, or half presented. To take a chance for what it’s worth. To go against expectations.


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