The Logic of Boys

The logic of boys has been misconstrued
Now the rulings returned on their lot
While mothers seek reason for all that they do
Boys logic asks only; Why not?

Why not pull the scaremonger cat by the tail?
Why not store your lego in shoes?
Why not put your two year old sister in jail if the exercise serves to amuse?

With lengthening limbs and places to go
They answer the call of the wild
Apron strings must accordingly grow
Yet the logic is still reconciled

Why not take your bike on your own into town?
Why not glue the garage door shut?
If it hasn’t an owner and isn’t nailed down, why not take it back to the Hut?

Boys will be men as the calendars change
The chaos is gone from their rooms
They forage to flow in a world that makes strange
And the logic no longer consumes

But why not greet the world like your ten years of age?
Why should you give in to it all?
Why not ask the questions and rattle the cage? Oh, and give your auld mother a call




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