The Sting

It’s likely that they threatened him, or gate-crashed after dark
Noah simply wouldn’t have just let them on the Ark?
Spiders’ fine and rats I get, however they’re deplored
But how on earth could he presume to let two Wasps on board

They’re surly and cantankerous and their reputation’s mud
From the dawning of the age they haven’t done a turn of good
With no discrimination or regard they will attack
And they’re callous for the sake of it while never looking back

Loitering near ice cream vans intent on doing harm
Buzzing round the bottle bank to everyone’s alarm
Engaging all and sundry in a frightened wavy dance
They’d nest inside your ear if they were given half a chance

Our only course of action is an anti-insect sting
Each one armed with newspapers and versed on how to swing
Leave no point of entry and take stock of all you’ve seen
For tomorrow we hit back and God won’t save the Queen




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