Walk among the rain

Not of the doctors’ orders or recommended in the main
Yet here I am advising you to walk among the rain
Overthrow and soon let go of comforts cold concern
And ready up the requisite relief for your return

Fix your chosen canopies to shield that you must hide
And leap into the limit, lest be loath to pass outside

Encompassed in the elements breath deep to sense the fall
As lucent sheer curtains fathom out to form a wall
A million mizzle water bombs ignite upon your face
Succumbing to surroundings, imbibing its embrace
Yellow, green, grey and browns all gleam with silver trim
Such sullied effervescence is the heavens wearing thin

Huddled livestock query from beneath the reaching trees
While shady dogs abstain and let you pass with rare ease
Tiny torrents ripple either side of the back road
As overburdened leaves drop and plop their heavy load
Sodden socks in measure slosh the last few steps to home
And heavy with exposure I resolve once more to roam


(c) Rhymeclub.com


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